Community Development


Nigeria Dialogue is committed to launching several community development projects. The aim is to bridge the divide between socially-conscious investors and impactful community investment opportunities.

The 3 projects we are focusing on in the short term are:

  • Leadership for Next Generation
    This is our work in the community. We intend to visit 25 Cities with higher institutions in Nigeria and host ‘Mega conferences’ attracting 10,000 participants in each conference. This will give us a potential reach of 250,000 Nigerian undergraduates in two years.We will use this platform to teach soft skills, open up job opportunities in the market place, link innovators with venture capitals and encourage participation of first time voters in the process of nation building.
    Read More On The Next Generation (PDF 2.9MB)
  • The New School
    This is a concerted effort of education enthusiasts to revamp the national secondary and tertiary curriculums and position Nigerian students for a global future. This is a joint venture between Nigeria Dialogue, the Ministry of Education and a number of key stakeholders in the private sector.
    Read More On The New School Project (PDF 2.2MB)  

As part of our aim to keep working and developing our communities, Nigeria  Dialogue will be setting up Intercollegiate associations across universities in the  western hemisphere. We will continue to attract the foremost Nigerian minds to speak at our town hall sessions and the Gala Night will continue to be an avenue to engage Nigerian professionals, entrepreneurs and philanthropists .

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