Data Analysis


In Nigeria Dialogue we believe we can unlock the answers to a lot difficult issues by analysing the facts and identifying the patterns to fix or resolve the issue. We have researchers who are attempting to solve complex national problems by employing the research processes presented in a liner format.

We believe that with adequate data analysis we can present a vision of a suitable and sustainable future to Nigerians and solve the chronic issues that have bedevilled our nation;  issues such as the poverty gap, lack of social mobility, inadequate healthcare system, corruption, lack of quality education, inadequate infrastructures to mention a few.

Our  areas of interest  in research and analysis includes:

  1. Health Care
  2. Education
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Energy
  5. Girls and women development
  6. Leadership
  7. Market based approaches
  8. Creation of new industries
  9. Climate and environment
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