Election Monitoring

election_monitoring_screenshotThe credibility of election in Nigeria is very low and appalling such that the electorates do not believe they have an impact on determining who gets into power. In some cases it is also scary and life threatening to go out and vote because of the insecurity at and around polling stations.

In Nigeria Dialogue we believe there is a need to provide an individual point for people’s perspective of election based on what they see and  the results that are announced at their polling stations. This is why we have created the Election Monitoring website that has a real time update capacity. We are leveraging on social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter) for authentication.

We have created the ‘Monitor Me’ app to help galvanize mobile telephone users to upload all their polling boot information into a web-targeted location hence providing a holistic view of the elections and minute-to minute details of happenings around the country. This initiative will provide a dependable perspective of the credibility of the election, not just for results but also for the process itself.

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